The Great(est) Adventure

I love music. I always have. It is one of those deep seated loves that has always defined part of who I am and helps me connect with the world and with God. If you’re also a music lover, no matter what kind of music you listen to, you know what I mean. My own music preferences are rather wide and varied, but once in a while, I find a song that is truly exceptional. It anchors me to the truth, sends my heart racing, gets me excited about life! The song may be a bit corny or out of date, but to me it’s like discovering a precious, life-giving secret. Do you know what I’m talking about? I hope you do.

Anyway, for me, “The Great Adventure” by Steven Curtis Chapman has always been one of those songs. I first discovered the music video in 2008 on a free promotional DVD my family received in the mail, and it made such a first impression that I immediately downloaded it to my computer, and it has stayed there ever since. I can’t remember how many times I’ve watched or listened to it in the four years since. At the time, I was just about to graduate from high school and head off to college, and my head was full of dreams and adventure. But the message of this song has continued to speak into my life even now as I graduate with my degree and head into my twenties. I think that as “adults”, many of us find it easy to settle for things in life. We resign ourselves to so much, from our living situation to our significant others to our paycheck. But something that I’m learning more and more is that as a human being, and even more specifically as a follower of Jesus, God has created specific dreams, desires, and talents within you–and He wants you to reach for them! Why settle for something small when you can dream for the seemingly impossible? Unfortunately, this is difficult to remember when you’re working a just above minimum wage part time job in a cozy suburban corner of Sacramento, California, USA. Life can be a little numbing that way.

But if you are a follower of Christ, you are for better or for worse bound on the greatest adventure any human will ever know. It is difficult but fulfilling, heartbreaking and thrilling, and no matter what strife this current existence may bring, we have the promise of an eternity with the One we love most. Beginning a relationship with someone like Jesus is by no means safe…but it’s so worth it. When you choose to take hold of it, make it your own, and strive after it with all your being, you will find yourself in a moment much like many of my favorite adventure books–you know the kind. When a seemingly normal, average somebody with a perfectly normal humdrum life finds him/herself thrown into the midst of a story so much bigger, wonderful, and beautiful than they ever could have imagined, that there comes a moment where they know that no matter how dull things may become in the future, life will never be the same after having taken part in this Great Adventure.

Are you ready for a life like that? I know I am–my pulse quickens at the mere thought of it. You know what the best part is though? A life like that doesn’t have to be left in story books. Such a life exists.

“The Great Adventure” was first released in 1992, and was recently re-recorded and released in 2011. Both versions are fantastic in their own way. Enjoy.


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