Another Beginning

God has been doing some pretty fantastic stuff in my life as of late. You ever have one of those times in life where everything is just good? Not that life is all gumdrops and roses, but that your disposition about it is unwaveringly  positive in spite of the not-so-good stuff? That’s been me the last couple weeks. Prayers are getting answered, scriptures are being read, things are getting accomplished that I never thought would get done. And over everything else I’ve just been aware of God’s presence in my life.

The biggest piece of news from the last couple of weeks is that I have a new job! Or at least, I will starting Sept. 4th. Who will I be working for? Well, since you asked nicely…it’s these guys:

Exciting or what?!?? Seriously though, God’s really been just blowing my mind with this whole job thing. I graduated from college three months ago in May. And I’ve been looking for jobs with very little success…actually, make that no success…and I was getting discouraged, to say the least. I kept on having to remind myself that it had *only* been 3 months since I graduated and that I would find another job soon enough. But that’s hard to hang on to when you’re working a part-time job for part-time wages and you’re still living at home and eating your parents’ food with that enormous cloud of “student loans” hanging over your head.  So at the insistence of my family I joined a temp agency (that you can find here), and started talking to a recruiter over the phone.

From there, it was like God stepped in and was all “Okey dokey, awesome job coming up!”.

Within two weeks I had a job. Did you hear me? TWO WEEKS! From the moment I picked up the phone to talk to a recruiter for the very first time, to going in to the agency for aptitude testing, to getting the interview, doing the interview, and getting told I had the job…less than two weeks. I was talking to a friend about the amazingness of it all just last night, and in my excitement I practically yelled, “When does that happen?!?” His answer was simple enough. “When God orchestrates it.” Such a profound truth in a simple statement. I don’t care who you are or what you believe, God orchestrates your life in more ways than you know. It’s something I’m just beginning to really understand, and I’ve gotta tell ya, it’s totally exciting. ❤

So now I have four days left of work at my current job, good ‘ol Mail & More. It’s been such a good experience working there, and I’ll always be grateful for having that job. I’m sure they won’t get rid of me that easy, cuz the store is on my way home from where my new job will be (it’s just down the street, if you can believe it). So I’ll be stopping in now and again. Then starting September 4th, a whole new stage of my life begins: my first “big girl” job.

Wish me luck!


The Things Boredom Make You Do

As I draft this post, I am sitting in front of a computer at my work. No, I’m not typically paid to write blog posts while working, but even my boss would understand (in the off chance she happens to read this someday) that today of all days is a perfectly acceptable day to blog while working. Why? Today is the first day that the mercury hit 100 degrees in my little city this year. This means that everyone is at home trying to stay cool by exerting as little energy as possible while cranking up the A/C. What does this mean for business? NO business, that’s what it means. Yep, the place is dead. This is far from typical, and so I find myself needing something to do with my brain while the few remaining minutes of store hours slip by….so….slowly.

The brain does strange things when it’s bored. For instance. I work at a postal center, which means that the place abounds with packing material for processing shipments of all shapes and sizes, bubble wrap being one of them. Our bubble wrap comes in industrial-sized rolls of 100 feet (I think), which measure over 3 feet tall. (Yes, I know this because I was bored enough to measure it.) One of those rolls happened to be sitting in my line of sight earlier, and what was the first thing thought that came to mind?

I wonder if I could balance that on my head.

So Kaity, the person who always thinks about the way she’s being perceived by others, finding herself alone in an empty store with a giant roll of bubble wrap, picked the thing up and put it on her head. Without even thinking about it twice! I’m so hopeless. The funny thing was that as soon as I had done it, I realized how silly it looked and couldn’t help but laugh. And that’s good I think, being able to laugh at yourself. Living too seriously is no fun.

And no, I don’t have pictures, so don’t ask. 😛